Leaning inn


JUNE 2021

«Face to face 

Glance to glance 

Breath for breath »

This is the position you and I have with Jesus every day. 

This is the time to wake up, or let the veil of lies be lifted from the eyes of our hearts. The enemy has for a long time worked hard to ensure that the great truth about who we are in Jesus is not revealed. Lies that we do not get life as we would like, we pray too little, read the Bible too little, I am not worthy, sorrow and pain etc etc .... Anyone recognize themselves ?? 

The truth is dear brothers and sisters in the Lord ... in Jesus we are everything and we have everything. There is nothing you can do to become more worthy to enter the presence of the King of Kings. There is nothing that can separate you from Jesus' love! Jesus wants you to not only know it with your mind, but that your heart rests in security in His love. When Jesus died on the cross, it was to make everything new! He laid down his life to win you! You in Him and Him in the Father. The perfect unity intended before the foundation of this world was laid. 

When I sought Jesus for what He wanted me to paint, what was on His heart for you in the Collector's Club, it was this image that came up. 

I saw how the bride leaned toward Jesus, and Jesus leaned toward her. Their eyes melted, their breath became one and their hearts became one. He calls us deep into closeness with himself. We are always close, but I experience Jesus wanting us to be proven and aware of the wonderful unity we have in Him. My prayer is that you will really experience this device in a new and strong way today! Let Jesus lift from you all the lies that cover your heart, lies that prevent you from seeing and experiencing Him as your soul loves. 

Today you have an open invitation from the King of Kings to lean in to Him who loves you with an eternal love. He longs to show you his love. He longs to set you completely free from the pains and sorrows of this world that have damaged your heart. You were the one he had his eyes fixed on when he suffered death on the cross. You are His deepest longing. He loves you with an eternal love !!!

Let me lead you into my garden, into my beauty! 

I long to show you who I really am, and how deep my love is for you!

 Come today my dear and lean on my chest! 

You became a closet for me and for me!