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My story

My name is Elisabeth Grøtte, and I want to share my passion and journey as an artist with you. Growing up on an idyllic island outside Stavanger, I have always been surrounded by the beauty of nature, and this closeness to the sea and the landscape around me has been a constant source of inspiration and tranquility in my life.

As a nurse, I have spent almost 20 years caring for others, and this experience has deeply shaped me as a person. Bearing witness to both life's miracles and its challenges has taught me the value of compassion, empathy, and conveying hope through action and expression.

In the autumn of 2018, I began to experience something completely new and unexpected - heavenly colors and images revealing themselves to me in my heart. This experience was both overwhelming and magical, awakening a deep longing within me. A longing to convey God's message and love through art.

In early 2019, I heard the Holy Spirit urge me to retrieve my daughter's old painting supplies from the shed and start painting. Despite never having been interested in art or painting before, this longing was so strong that I couldn't ignore it. With a mixture of trepidation and faith, I began, and what unfolded before my eyes was truly incredible. I had painted a little boy standing at the water's edge with a small sailboat in his hand.

The first painting I ever did
The first painting I ever did

I realized then that my prayer had been answered with a gift - a gift to paint. Every brushstroke, every color, and every image is a dance with Jesus, where he guides me and reveals his vision through my strokes.

Through this journey, I have discovered the profound significance of our imagination, a gift from our Father. Imagination is the place where God wants to meet us, and through my art, I want to open "doors" that allow people to encounter God's heart in a deep and personal way.

My art is my calling, and through it, I want to convey hope, healing, and God's love to the world around me. I don't know where this journey will lead me, but I feel deeply privileged to be in the midst of God's plan.

Thank you for taking the time to listen to my story.