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Art Cards


All the cards in the online store are on sale now, because new cards are coming soon.

The new cards will be printed on the same art paper that I use for the art prints.

 Canson BFK Rives art paper. Rives Pure White is a 100% cotton paper that has perfectly balanced soft grains that bring out the details in every image. The unique paper is produced on a traditional cylinder press at the ARCHES® paper mill, one of the oldest paper manufacturers in France. As a result of using 100% cotton, the paper has a very soft and supple feel.

What is more cozy than receiving a handwritten card from someone you love? It is always a good opportunity to give some encouraging words to those around us. 

"Kind words are dripping honey, 
sweet for the soul and healthy for the body." 

proverbs 16:24 


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